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'I think you've done a great job'
R.S Promotion Manager

Big and bold.

The 2010 Vodafone Premier Club prize is the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. The prize (as is the location) is big and bold and the site design needed to match this. We used touched-up powerful landscape vistas to create the magic of this vast area of the USA. The spiritual home of Elvis, and showmen such as Evel Knievel were not lost in the site's inspiration. You might even see a shiny UFO sparking in the sky!

The program is organised by AddingValue (Marketing and Events).

The site contains rich media, videos, slideshows, a blog as well as a mechanism for participants to view their standings. The brief was to make all of this also works on the Apple iPad as well as non-flash enabled browsers.

Technologies: HTML, ASP, CMS, Video More Telecoms & IT

"Thanks for all the hard work. It is looking great!"
M.S. Project Director

Spradling International are the world's leading suppliers of Vinyl coverings. They needed a web site that conveyed both the products they make and the warmth and customer service that they are proud of.

A warm colour palette was used to help convey this.

The materials can be zoomed in to get a life-like view of the detail. The site is run off an SQL database that can handle lots of users as they build their 'sample request sheet' to make product orders.

Technologies: HTML, Flash, SQL More Manufacturing

"Thank you for all your hard work. Site looks great!"
C.S. Director

Built in just 3 days!

Technologies: HTML, Flash, CMS More Marketing


Promotional site to increase sales of the BlackBerry Bold phone. Key message was to show that the phone is a 24 hour tool for work or play. The site design conveyed this message through its interactive sliding screen that changed from day to night and showed features and benefits of the phone to users.

Technologies: HTML, Flash More Telecoms & IT


Benchmark rings produce high quality precision jewelry. Naturally they wanted a high quality, precision website :)

Technologies: DHTML, Database, Flash, CMS More Manufacturing

Excellent, easy to use and delivered to time so very pleased
P.B. Senior Account Manager, Edelman

This campaign, run by global public relations firm Edelman, required an organic feeling site for promoting the benefits of biomass energy production. We were ecstatic that their team decided to go with our first design. Its not your standard, safe website homepage. A nice example of using the message to form the navigation.

Technologies: Flash, PHP, CMS More Energy

'You made sure that we got what we wanted through an appropriate design solution. Thank you.'

The global nuclear clean-up industry is growing. British Nuclear Group - Project Services required a layout design and elements for their new SharePoint intranet. The intranet is vital for supplying on demand documents, news, procedural as well as interesting learning and development material, to teams spanning the globe. SharePoint has limitations but we always push them to what our clients require.

Technologies: Flash, Design, Consultancy More Energy

'This is how good we think it is - we have just 3 amends for you for the whole site.'
S.B. Digital Projects Manager

The Vodafone Premier Club web site is an intranet for an internal sales promotion at Vodafone. The program is organised by Adding Value (Marketing and Events).

The brief was very specific in its requirements but broad in allowing us project execution methods. Between the corporate guidelines and short timeframe we had - our work was cut out to deliver a fully functional, shiny new site.

The site contains the teasing video promotions for the prize's holiday destination, blog and interactive mechanisms to create user participation. There are lots of prizes to be won for the best Blog entry etc.

Users can vote on each other's blog and discussion board entries to give the judges an idea of what was most useful the other site visitors.

The backend is fully manageable by the client as to what is displayed.

Technologies: HTML, ASP, CMS, Video More Telecoms & IT

"You have crafted a beautiful website to our exact specifications and we are looking forward to the returns it generates. You have been responsive, flexible and offered up the highest degree of expertise."
Ian Maddox

The Retirement Centere came to us with one goal. To maximise online leads.

Through careful analysis we identified a strategy to achieve this and threw in a great looking site to boot. All our sites adhere to Google's Seach Engine Optimisation recommendations where required but the challenge here was to make this work with the bespoke Content Management System supplied with the site. The good news is its already performing well under 'Retirement Birmingham'.

Technologies: Flash, PHP, CMS More Professional Services

' Have just taken a look at the site and it is fantastic. It looks perfect.'
Many thanks and well done.' CEO Genetic Health

The Genetic Health web site needed to look vibrant and promote its 'personal health' product offering and also induce confidence in the company's professionalism.

The site is both a good starting point for potential customers to learn about the different Genetic screening propositions available. Each screening gives an insight as to how the human body may cope with your lifestyle in the future.

Genetic screening is just now coming to fruition as an industry and so, as with many new concepts, the sales pitch and site structure was based around researched objections and specific customer concerns.

Technologies: HTML, Flash, CMS More Professional Services

'Bloody good job on the web site'
Magnus McEwan-King, Broadreach CEO

London based WiFi provider broadreach needed a slick, information rich site for both corporate and client investment. Dynamic news stories, managed by staff, and press story archiving were key requirements of the brief.

Technologies: HTML, Flash More Telecoms & IT

'We LOVE the site!! Especially your creative idea about the home page with the bottles filling…. Excellent job.'
D.S. Mango Bottling, inc.

Mango Bottling Inc. located in Miami needed a web site that would showcase their drink shooters and distributors whilst also promoting responsible drinking to customers. A lively design is accented with a flash animation of the customisable bottling process.

Technologies: SQL, Flash, SiFR, HTML More Marketing

'It is all working beautifully. Thanks for ALL your work.'

Dwell-being required an online application to allow customers to play with colours, patterns, textures to descover their own personal style. The results are then used to help create and build the interior design project.

Technologies: Flash More Professional Services

View Essbee MarcommsView Essbee Marcomms
'Thanks - you're a star!!!I still love it five years on'
Sara Boddy, CEO Essbee Marcoms

When a Marketing agency asked for a site that would work for them - the pressure was on. This simple but striking site explained to potential customers the core design concept matching their problem to a solution. The first stage of which was to fill out a form to receive an e-brochure.

Technologies: HTML More Marketing

View New Horizon RecruitmentView New Horizon Recruitment

An upgraded web site for an established recruitment company. New horizon Recruitment needed to manage their job adverts online. The management platform was developed in Microsoft ASP and enables the consultants to manage jobs easily and securely online.

Management Recruitment

Technologies: HTML, ASP, Database More Recruitment


AR Dearborn needed a flexible site that could be updated easily and showcase the simple but beautiful portraits they create.

The photos are the focus of the site and these are displayed using a 3D rotating flash application to engage the user and allowing them to fully control what they want to look at.

Technologies: HTML, Flash, XML More Professional Services

'Love the site! Thank you for all your help'

A fresh, modern recruitment website. This site became traffic heavy very quickly through good use of navigation and category listing. The job vacancies on this site are aggregated from different providers using RSS and XML to create a seamless job board.

Technologies: ASP, XML, Flash, SQL More Recruitment


Profiles Creative asked Drawn to upgrade and restructure their web site. Working closely with their marketing team we were able to improve usability, simplify the job application process and at the same time improve search engine rankings by working in improved search engine management features.

Technologies: HTML, ASP, Database, Data Management More Recruitment

Thank you SO much. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Brilliant.
Louise Hallett

Need a break? Look at this luxury Riad for hire in the walled town of Taroudant, Morocco.

Technologies: HTML, Flash More Property


Energy Monitoring is now big business. Legislation being brought in is forcing businesses to look at their energy consumption seriously. We updated the Optimal Monitoring site both for search engine placing and communicating the service and its benefits. We added a live feed on the home page so visitors can check up on the Optimal Group!

The design used quite a complex colour palette both showing the underlying professional approach of the company throughout the site but also puncturing the pages with colour to give a feeling of the simple 'no frills' offering and ease of running the monitoring system.

You can also find out more about the new Display Energy Certificates legislation for building energy efficiency.

Technologies: HTML, Flash, ASP, CMS More Energy

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